Troupes for children

Troupes for children

Who? Dancers till the age of 12

When? Check schedule

Dance troupes for children are a great opportunity for more advanced dancers to achieve more than during regular classes. For dancers till the age of 12, Danse Marc Charlebois offers two different classes that are of interest to dancers who want and are able to do more. By being part of one of these groups, dancers will learn more different and technical choreographies and perform in more choreographies in our dance shows.

For children Danse Marc Charlebois offers two troupes, dependent on age and skill level:

Mini-troupe & Pre-troupe:  Introductory classed for those students who are crazy about dancing and who want to achieve more. Develop your dancing skills by advancing your knowledge of hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, musicals & more! Students will learn the different dance techniques with very different choreographies.



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