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Who? Adults, Parent-Child and Children-Teenagers

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NEW:  We now give Yoga classes for Parent-Child and Children-Teenagers, ask for the schedule.  Health yoga is great for anyone who is looking to escape for an hour during the week from our stress-filled, everyday lives. The goal of this class is to you how to use your own body to develop more self-esteem, improve your posture and get connected to your body and spirit. During the class we focus on guided meditation and physical work, adapted to each individual’s needs. Breathing and positive thinking are central to the lessons, leading to better sleep, better digestion and reduced stress.

We offer a way to relief from stress and physical discomfort in a positive, supportive and non-competitive environment. No previous experience is required, only an open mind and the will to learn, grow and relax. Namaste.



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Yoga classes

It is no secret that modern living is stressful for everyone; children trying to catch up on the demands of the school curriculum and adults trying to make ends meet with tight work schedules. Health yoga, viewed by many as a form of spiritual remedy, is the answer to the rush of modern life. The role of a yoga session is to harness inner energy from the body to deal with issues of low self-esteem, connect body to the spirit and improve the body posture.

Origin of health yoga

With close association to Indian gods and goddesses, yoga is the practice of aligning the thoughts with the state of the body with roots in Indian historical healing regimes. For a long time, the Indian philosophy about life is that the body is capable of healing itself only if the individual can connect their spirit to the physical being. Just like it was used in traditional India to offer relief from physical discomfort, modern yoga is meant to harness mental energy in support of physical wellbeing.

Requirements for the practice

With great emphasis on the healing benefits, yoga is a combination of breathing techniques, meditation sessions, relaxation exercises and physical postures. The sequence in which the instructor guides the session depends on what it is intended to achieve. Basically, these low impact moves, will culminate into a state of good health where both the body and mind are invigorated.

To remain comfortable throughout the session, participants are required to wear comfortable clothing that will not distract them. If you are conscious about your body, wear clothes that will stay in the same position regardless of which position you take. Maximum benefits of yoga are obtained when the mind has to bear with little or no distractions during the sessions.

Known benefits of yoga

There are hundreds of yoga postures and every instructor will guide you according to the needs of your body. Widely practiced in the west today, yoga has been found to particularly perfect the posture and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Posture – many people may not be aware of how fatigue comes about even when you have not engaged in any strenuous activity. Here is a small exercise; think of the head as a bowling head particularly because it is heavy, big and round. When the head is directly on top of a straight spine, the neck and back muscles will do little work to support it. People get tired just from sitting because the neck and back are work excessively to balance the head. As you maintain this poor posture for extended periods of time, this pain extends to the joins and other muscles of the body.

Blood flow – while there may be other serious underlying issues, most people who suffer from cold and swollen limbs, have poor blood circulation. Yoga trains the lungs to take in as much oxygen as the body needs and in turn the risk of stroke and heart attack reduces.