Troupe Marc Charlebois

Troupes for teenagers

Who? Teenagers ages 12-18

When? Check schedule

Troupes are a real opportunity for more advanced dancers to achieve more than during regular classes. Students from ages 12 to 18 that have experience with multiple dance styles will learn more difficult choreographies and take part in shows and competitions outside of the school.

Danse Marc Charlebois offers different troupes for teenagers, dependent on age and skill level:

Jump In! (Hip Hop) – A high energy dance group that focuses mostly on choreographies in Hip-Hop style. Students in this class have a more advanced level of dance, especially Hip-Hop. They are able to execute more difficult and technical dance moves.

Troupe Marc Charlebois – The level following Pré-Troupe is Troupe Marc Charlebois.  These students are between 12 and 14 years old and already have a good knowledge and level of dance.  They are able to execute more difficult and technical dance moves.  As a result, students perform in more choreographies in the shows.

Troupe New York – Following, there is a more advanced level: Troupe New York for students between ages 15 and 18.  These dancers master all styles of dance and perform more difficult, professional level choreographies.  These students perform in more numbers in the shows.

Show & Competition – For the most advanced student who wants a real challenge, there is a show and competition Troupe for teenagers between ages 12 and 18. These students must master all dance styles and perform very difficult choreographies, often at a professional level.  Students perform in more choreographies in the shows at our school, as well as take part in dance competitions outside of the school.



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