Tango Dance; physical exercise and emotional stability

Tango dance

Just by watching a tango dance in session, one gets the impression that the pair has known each other for a long time. Well, it does require some level of sensual connection, but the greatest element of this dancing style is moving in tandem. Tango is a dance style precisely for a man and a woman, and perhaps that is why it is reserved for weddings. The origin of the tango dance is Buenos Aires, Argentina during the dawn of the 20th century but its popularity today has transversed regional and international borders. While there are many variations to the dance as is common with most dance styles, Argentine Tango is popular because of its intimacy connotation.

tango dance
Tango styles

When it began in Argentine, Tango dance was performed by women only. Its adoption as a couple’s dance came about when it spread beyond the Buenos Aires area. Even with the many variations that exist today, most styles are performed either with space between the couple, open embrace or close embrace. The space between the couple will portray the nature of relationships between the two individuals. The most common style is the ballroom Tango easily identifiable by its dramatic head snapping. For beginners just getting to learn the dance, the most outstanding aspect of all styles is the repetitive style of movement. Following a cycle of 16 or 32 beats, the man holds the lady in the crook of their arm. She, in turn, will hold back her head and place her right hand on the lower hip of the man. Each of the dancers maintains their position but it is the man to lead the woman around the dancing area in a curve pattern.

The history of Tango

Tango music is one of the oldest dance styles in the world today and at the same time is among the oldest. Like many dance styles today, it originated among a group of people seeking to entertain themselves and preserve their heritage. Early entry of Tango into the United States took place in 1910 in new York. The dance has been propagated mainly by immigration and most recently, through the silver screen.

Medical research has suggested that Tango if taken up as an exercise routine can aid in relaxation, curing depression and increasing testosterone levels. Considering the vigorous nature of the dance moves, Tango is important in enhancing spirituality, mindfulness, cognition, social satisfaction, physical exercise and emotional stability.

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