Social movements in Vaudreuil-Dorion

Every society can claim ownership of pioneer status of some event or the other. For the women of Vaudreuil-Dorion the knitting graffiti campaign is a way of retaining the relevant of textile as an art form among the emerging digital age. Many people are enrolled into the association while still in schools and it is important to keep the spirit of the movement alive even beyond the classroom. The major activity of the movement is to put together knit ware that is them displayed on the trunks of trees in a park as a way of promoting environmental conservation through embrace of traditional forms of clothing.

Across the entire Quebec province there are a total of 34,000 members of Cercles des fermières, although with urbanization 98 per cent of them don’t live on an actual farm as was the background for most at the time of founding the association. The movement was started in the 80’s and at one time during the formative years, the membership stood at 75,000 members. For those who are not in the organization, it may appear like a club where old women knit to pass time. Well, knitting is one of the key activities but so is cross organizational assistance such as their involvement with MIRA, an organization in Montreal that provides guide dogs.

The Great Ramble is a foot race held in September since 1983 and which is attended by 1700 participants in 2013. Participants to this event aim to walk throughout the entire trek that spans over territories and provinces. The only portions of the track that participants do not walk are through water cannels because there is no other way of crossing apart from using ferries.

Those who take part in the walk do so because of their desire for adventure but the biggest motivator especially for tourists and visitors is to experience first-hand the intimacy of the different climatic conditions in the terrains that make up the Canadian territory. Canada has vast lands that are not inhabited by people and it is within these spaces that the ancient history of the indigenous occupants of the territories plus the wildlife can be experienced.

The new health care center that was unveiled in Vaudreuil-Dorion by the health minister in 2014 was the first one in a series of others that would see the city receiving centralized health care services. The CLSC and supporting ambulatory care center provides primary health care as well specialized care, just like it happens in a hospital. The only difference between this institution and a typical hospital set up is the absence if beds for inpatient care. The center located on Gare Blvd measures about 9,000 square feet and the target is that it will serve the entire population of 145,000 people in Vaudreuil-Dorion before the other facilities are successfully set up. This series of health centers that are planned for inauguration are supposed to take the pressure off neighboring cities where the residents of Vaudreuil-Dorion have to travel for care. Other institutions that offer health services in the city are Les Psychologues du Suroît and Mallette Christine, psychologue.