Dance Classes Fall 2017 (14 weeks)

Registration begin on August 1st !Dance students doing arabesque

Classes start Tuesday, September 5

  • Classes of 1hr00 :                             $170
  • Daytime Yoga 1hr00 :                    $140
  • Zumba 1hr00 :                                    $140
  • Class of 1hr15 :                                  $215
  • Tap Dance advanced 1hr30 :     $350
  • Troupes 1hr30 :                                 $700  (1)
  • Troupes 1hr45 :                                 $730  (1)
All Taxes are included in the prices above; there are no registration fees and no mandatory attire to take the classes.

(1) For the entire year (Sept 2017-May 2018), payable in 4 installments.


Trial classes by reservation ONLY.



  • 10% when you register to a second class.
  • 10% when you register a second child or teen. 20% when you register a third child or teen. 30% when you register a fourth child or teen (family residing at the same address).


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