Modern Dance: an inner connection with ourselves.

Modern dance 

Modern dance is an improvement of ballet but dancers do not follow an apparent routine. While all modern dancers are training in ballet as an introductory lesson to the dance, it is up to a dancer to come up with their own routines which reflect their moods and emotions. In corporate functions, modern dancers are used for their gracious moves, and when this is choreographed, the outcome is just pleasant.

How modern dance differs from ballet

The difference between a ballerina and a modern dancer is that ballerinas strive to exert as little weight as possible on their feet, but modern dancers throw their weight as a tool for creating movement. It is commonplace to see ballerinas with specific costumes every time they are on stage, but that is not mandatory with modern dancers. A modern dancer can dance barefoot and wear any clothing item they want if that is what they feel most comfortable in. For modern dancers, this style of body movement is not only a way to entertain others but also find an inner connection with themselves. At close observation, it is evident that modern dancers express subjects or objects to their audience in a way that expresses feeling and opinion.

modern dance

Evolution of modern dance

With origins in the United States and Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries, modern dance is a broad style of self-expression that is gradually spreading to other parts of the world. It is generally believed that those who began modern dance did so in rebellion to the classical ballet. It is through the efforts of dance artists like Maud Allan, Isadora Duncan, and Loie Fuller that the strict ballet moves and dress code would be dropped for a more liberal dance revolution. All through the 20th century, modern dance would be shaped by major historical events, sociopolitical ideologies, and culture. The global unification front would form a conducive environment on which new ideas about dance were shared freely between countries and regions.

It is true to say that modern dance takes a new face with every emerging generation of dance artists. There is no emphasis on which among these artists is the greatest but through borrowing of techniques that aid self-expression, the modern dance will always have a role to play in both entertainment and life in general. Modern dancers are encouraged to use their feelings and state of mind during dancing to come up with their own routines.

Enroll your little ones in creative dance classes  or ballet classes for introducing them to moves and routines which will allow them to express their emotions.


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