Hip-hop dance and its freestyle nature

Hip-hop dance

Hip hop dancing is a combination of various moves performed in response to the beats of a hip hop song most of which have evolved as part of the hip-hop culture. Some of the popular styles that constitute hip hop dancing are locking, breaking, and popping. While this type of dance is part of most modern establishments in the world, the initial moves were created in the United States around the 1970s. It is commonplace today to find hip hop dancers organized into crews which engage in competitions with others and regularly hold street events. When hip hop is performed in a studio as opposed to a street venue, the style is called jazz-funk which is properly choreographed. The spread of hip-hop dance from the united states to other areas of the world happened in the years between the 1990s and 2000s. Much of it was aided by television shows and movies which promoted hip hop dance. Today, the internet has taken over the role of exposing new and emerging styles between different places.

Hip-hop dance

The evolution of hip hop

The hip hop culture from which the dance originated, was a creation of the Latino and African-American communities. The Bronx in New York was the cradle from which the older hip hop dance styles like breaking and uprock were born in the 1960s and early 1970s. James Brown is considered as the father of street dancing owing to his good foot dance style of 1972. At the time, break dancing was performed as a toprock and dancers performed while standing contrary to the floor orientation seen today. Uprock would later emerge as a more elaborate form of dancing for partners. Watching it, the dance styles looks aggressive and in a fighting posture with their partner. As this dance metamorphosis was happening in new york, the area of California was also creating new styles associated with the same kind of music. Funk, popping, hitting, bopping and roboting are a few of the dance moves that took share in the California area in the 1970s.

What is unique about hip hop dancing?

The most outstanding aspect about hip hop as a dance is its freestyle nature. This creates an element of surprise every time there is a performance because of dance crews, as well as individuals, modify various moves to adapt to their personalities and mood. Such modifications are often showcased in dance battles held in neighborhoods, towns or regions. For those who dance hip hop, it may be as a form of entertainment, hobby or body workout.

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