Troupe Broadway dancers performing on stage

Troupe Broadway for adults

Who? Adults with significant dance experience

When? Check schedule

Troupes are a real opportunity for more advanced dancers to achieve more than during regular classes.  This dance class caters to adults with significant dance experience who are seeking to challenge themselves.

Troupe Broadway is a challenging dance class that teaching different dance styles to adults in a fun and energetic environment.  As the name suggests, this class borrows from Broadway shows and choreographies, taking inspiration from legends such as Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins and Michael Kidd.



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Dance styles are evolving and as people master as many moves as possible, it is now even more entertaining to perform in a group. A dance troupe also known as a dance company consists of dancers and a team of support personnel that work together to present dance spectacles to various audiences. The focus of a dance troupe is to have every member moving in the same way through out a routine.

It is alright to have regular dance lessons but when all possible dance moves have been mastered, the advanced dancer needs a bit of motivation to stay passionate. A troupe dance requires discipline, persistence, consistency and immense practice to be successful. Each dancer regardless of their capabilities and weaknesses must move in exactly the same way for the performance to be a spectacle.

Requirements for forming a troupe

Almost bordering on perfection, every troupe member must have been an active dancer for a while; long enough to be an expert in a particular dance style for which the troupe is assembled. The most crucial component for the success of a troupe therefore lies in the selection of the constituent members. There are basic steps in putting together a troupe and it requires skill and patience to pass through each of the stages;

  • For a mini troupe, the age of the dancers ranges between 6 and 8 years old. This is for children who are passionate about the art of dancing. Even if they do not have any particular skills in dancing, they are easy to teach various basic styles and then pick out the ones they are best in. It is possible to create synchronize performances with members in this troupe but nothing complex should be expected since they are still working on their confidence.
  • The pre-troupe stage is for older children likely in their pre-teen years. By this time they are more confident and thus able to perform elaborate acts as part of their performance. They are also able to incorporate various dance styles into a performance because they are building up on their knowledge of dance.
  • By the time a dancer is old enough to join a dance troupe having begun preparation from an early age, they are experts in what they do. They are able to perform complex choreographies and take part in competitions that involve other high performing troupes.

Tips for troupe success

Just like any other organized group activity, troupe dancing requires a lot of time for practice. Intense practice fosters discipline and commitment to the routine of the group. The other tip when looking for a troupe to join is to consider the experience of the choreographer. A troupe can only be as good as its instructors so it is crucial to go for a team that either has one experienced in all styles of dance or a team of choreographers who will be able to offer different dance guidance.