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Danse Marc Charlebois offers Hip hop dance classes to dancers of all ages and levels. Dancers are introduced to this urban culture through dance, incorporating moves from different styles such as Popping, Locking and Waacking, as well as freestyle movements to let each individual express themselves in their own way. The class begins with a warm-up, followed by more technical movements to train the body, and ends with a choreography. Style and attitude are emphasized, Hip-Hop is an urban, street dance style and movements are never small; dancers are encouraged to let go to the rhythm and energy of the music!

If you are looking for a fun, high-energy class? Do you love Hip-Hop and dance music? Want to develop your confidence and train your body at the same time? Then this is the right class for you!



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Hip hop dance

There are Hip-hop classes for all levels of expertise and all ages of participants. The typical observation however has been that as the expertise level goes up, it does not really matter what the age of the dancer is. Hip-hop dance is a culture that incorporates styles such as Popping, Waacking and Locking but perhaps what it is widely known for is the freestyle. The chance for a dancer to showcase their own flexibility and art is what gives Hip-hop such power as a tool of self-expression.

Origin of Hip-hop

Primarily performed to match the beats of Hip-hop music, this dance has evolved at the same pace as the genre of music. In the 1970s, Hip-hop dances were performed as street performances where different groups of dancers tried to outshine each other. The Hip-hop dance culture has been popularized the world over through television programs like Soul Train and films like Breakin’. In essence, Hip-hop is an American dance that is taught by seasoned dancers known as choreographers.

Getting ready for a Hip-hop class

Owing to the vigorous dance moves that make up the hip hop dance, the class must be started off with a warm up session. This is then followed by elaborate technical moves whose aim is to condition the body to the twists and turns that are required to successfully do a Hip-hop dance. The final session of a class is the choreography which is characterized by counting so that the body moves in rhythm to the music being played. Of great importance when preparing to dance is attitude and style since Hip-hop is a display of urban living and boldness. The energy of the music plus the competitive nature in which the dancers execute the moves makes this dance suitable for those who are working on building up their confidence.

Venues for Hip-hop

As they gain confidence doing various dance moves, dancers need great spaces to display their art. This is one of the reasons why Hip-hop though it might start as an indoor activity for beginners, is widely popularized as an outdoor event. A great sport for training the body and engaging in healthy competition, Hip-hop venues all over the world are filled by young people who want to develop skills outside their regular school and work routines. A training class may take place indoors because dancers are conscious of other groups copying their moves but the real battle for talent is done outside in the open where everyone has full view of how each of the groups perform.