What to Expect During Hip Hop Classes Montreal

What to Expect During Hip Hop Classes Montreal

More and more adults are signing up for hip hop classes Montreal in order to reap the many benefits of this type of dance which include improved fitness and mood, increased stamina, greater confidence, stress relief and many others. Hip hop dance, which incorporates upbeat music, vigorous and loose movements, and a variety of styles such as popping, locking, boogaloo and others. A hip hop class is fun, high energy and an effective way to achieve both you fitness and socializing goal. Attending your first class can be overwhelming sometimes, and it helps to know in advance what to expect before going in. The following are some features of hip hop classes Montreal to give you an idea of what is involved:

  1. Duration

Most hip hop dance classes last from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the level of experience of the people participating in the group. If you are a beginner, you should choose classes with shorter durations and build up gradually until you are able to comfortably perform the advanced exercises in a one hour class.

  1. Warm-up

The warm-up segment will include cardio and stretches to prepare your body for basic movements. Warming up is important to ensure that your heart rate is high enough and prevent injuries arising from torn muscles resulting from poor stretching.

  1. Learning new moves

During this segment, the instructor will introduce new dance moves including basic grooves, advanced choreography, and dance routines to help you get your rhythm right. The instructor will typically demonstrate one move at a time and count out loud to help you put the various movements together. This segment will be repeated as often as possible until the instructor is sure that everyone in the glass has a good grasp of the technique.

  1. Putting it all together

At this stage, the instructor will bring all the moves you have learned together into one routine that you will perform from beginning to end. The instructor may choose to play some music or count out the beats until everyone is able to perform the routine perfectly.

Signing up for a new hip hop class can seem scary at first, especially if you are a beginner with limited experience. However, hip hop dance classes are structured to ensure that you learn new moves quickly and pick up routines in the shortest time possible. Sign up for a class today and begin having fun today, lose weight, tone up and reap many other benefits.



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