Cours de Danse Montreal: What to look for in an Dance Instructor

Cours de Danse Montreal: What to look for in an Dance Instructor

There has been a proliferation of dance courses across Montreal and the rest of Canada, fuelled by people’s need to become more active and learn new and exciting dance moves. However, if you are a beginner looking for some specialized attention or a professional dancer who wants to improve their form and technique, you might benefit from some one on one training with an instructor. A dance instructor will bring advanced knowledge and experience to the table, allowing you to gain much needed knowledge at your own pace and in an effective manner. Not all dance instructors are created equal however and the following tips should help you choose the right one for your particular situation:

  1. Previous experience

Stage or professional teaching experience is paramount when choosing a dance instructor. If you are looking to dance professionally, look out for instructors who have experience with dancing companies or major productions. Previous experience teaching dancers who have gone on to compete should also give you an idea of how good the instructor is.

  1. The personal touch

A good instructor will get to know your personal dance needs, including determining whether you want to perform at a professional level or simply want to improve your technique for dancing recreationally. In addition, they can develop a program to help meet your needs, and keep you motivated enough to achieve your dancing goals.

  1. Patience

Look for a dance instructor who can take you through the various routines and movements without losing patience. Mastering new moves can be challenging for both beginners and amateurs and you will want to work with someone who does not give up on you no matter how many times you fail.

  1. Price or fee structure

Depending on what your goals are, dance instruction may take one month to several years. Bearing this in mind, pick an instructor who fits your budget or one who is willing to work out a payment plan for the classes you need.

  1. Passion

Passion for dance is crucial in the instructor you choose. You do not want to end up with an instructor who is only in it for the money. Someone who is passionate about their work will demonstrate this by the amount of time they spend learning as much as they can about their work, putting in extra time to ensure that you get the knowledge you need and generally maintaining an upbeat, positive attitude about their work.

Choosing the right instructor is crucial to developing your skills as a dancer in the most efficient and timely way possible. By looking out for a few important characteristics, you should be able to find the instructor that fits your specific needs.

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