5 Reasons to Take Ballet Lessons

5 Reasons to Take Ballet Lessons

Ballet comes from the Italian word ‘ballare’, which means to dance. This form of dance, which requires hard work, dedication and discipline, emerged in Europe in the 15th century, spreading from Italy, to France, Russia and eventually the rest of the world. Pointe work, tutus, complicated sequences requiring controlled movements and other features developed over the centuries, leading to a multifaceted dance that incorporates classical forms and modern choreography to provide viewers with a wide range of experiences. Ballet is not limited to the stage however, and many people are now taking up adult classes in order to reap the many benefits of the dance. Below are five reasons to sign up for ballet classes Montreal today:

  1. Build muscle

Ballet uses a variety of movements that require extensive stretching and lifting which leads to lean and toned muscles. Further, dance moves incorporate all muscles in the body, so you can be sure of a strong and streamlined look as well as the overall fitness of the whole body.

  1. Improved co-ordination

Ballet dance moves are all about control, and barre exercises help you to balance and co-ordinate your movements both in and out of the studio. As a result, you will often find that your co-ordination has improved, allowing you to perform other activities even better.

  1. Flexibility

Our muscles experience wear and tear as we grow older and if we neglect to exercise them on a regular basis, we may begin to experience problems with joints as well as injuries and aches in affected places. Ballet provides full body exercise that can help delay the onset of such problems, in addition to improving flexibility and making it easier to perform a wide range of day to day activities.

  1. Enhanced mental function

Ballet requires the co-ordination of various movements in order to achieve the correct form. To remember these complicated sequences, the brain must work extra hard and this results in better mental function including improved memory and other cognitive abilities.

  1. Improved discipline

Learning and mastering the many ballet moves requires a tremendous amount of discipline which includes sticking it out through injuries and numerous repetitions just to master one move. Staying on course will help you become more disciplined, and this will in turn have a spill over effect into other areas of your life such as work performance.

Learning ballet is a great way to reap many benefits such as improved physical fitness, better mental health, flexibility and many others. Sign up for ballet classes Montreal today and begin to experience these benefits for yourself.

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